Cuban National Electro-Power System recovers its capacities

Cuban National Electro-Power System recovers its capacities
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5 October 2022
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Camagüey, Cuba, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) After some days out, the National Electro-power System (SEN), especially the generator unit number five of the 10 de Octubre Thermoelectric Plant in Nuevitas, eastern Cuba, returned today to national synchronization.

According to the report of Radio Cadena Agramonte’s website, the plant located in the north of Cuba’s largest region, ‘was uploading, which should reach 100 megawatts.

This was confirmed by Raul Sanchez Reyes, technical director of the industry, who commented that after the interruption, specialists and operators of the plant and the Power Plant Maintenance Company worked intensively on the actions required in order to return the block to generation.

Cuba, which in recent months has faced a tense situation with the SEN, is redoubling its efforts to boost the supply and generation of energy to the population.

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