Cuban Council of State analyzes program to boost its economy

Cuban Council of State analyzes program to boost its economy
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17 April 2024
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The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba once again analyzed in its work agenda the progress of the implementation of the government program to correct distortions and relaunch the economy in the current year.

As reported by TV News in its prime-time broadcast, the meeting, held via videoconference, was headed by Esteban Lazo Hernandez, member of the Political Bureau and President of the National Assembly of People's Power and of the Council of State, and it also analyzed the fulfillment of the plan of measures derived from the parliamentary visit to the central eastern province of Camagüey.

The meeting, held at the National Capitol, was also attended by Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, and Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuban PM.

More than a dozen of organizations in the province of Camagüey were identified during the parliamentary visit, among them, Commerce, Tourism, Economy and Planning, Agriculture, Health, Education and others, so that the highest authorities have implemented an action program to reverse the situation, according to what was reported.

In this regard, Lazo Hernandez recalled that during the years of the Special Period, many potentialities of that province were lost, but there is a spirit of rectification and a work system with important initiatives has been created.

During the analysis of the government's program to correct distortions and boost the economy in 2024, Marrero Cruz offered a detailed explanation of the fulfillment of the schedule and the impact as a result of each measure applied.

The Head of Government commented that work has begun on the more complex projections, which have a greater impact on their preparation and work in national institutions.

At another point of the meeting, the compliance with the Budget Law and the approved tax and fiscal measures were analyzed.

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