Cuban Civil Society warns about lack of progress in Agenda 2030

Cuban Civil Society warns about lack of progress in Agenda 2030
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27 September 2023
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Cuban Civil Society warned today about the lack of progress in compliance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG), and urged developed countries to fulfill their commitments in this regard. .

Through a statement, he pointed out that according to the most recent report of the international organization on global progress on this issue, it shows that the slogan of “Leaving no one behind” in the search for development is not only far from being fulfilled, but it has been reversed.

The document details that progress on more than 50 percent of the SDG goals is weak and insufficient, and 30 percent are stagnant or regressing, and noted that these include essential objectives in the fight against poverty, hunger and the weather.

If we do not act now, the 2030 Agenda could become the epitaph of the world that could have been, he stressed.

The document states that these data should call for reflection and action by the various actors, first of all, the governments of developed countries.

The genuine and profound restructuring of the current system of international economic relations is urgently needed; the substantial reform of the international financial architecture, including that of multilateral financial institutions that allow real participation of developing countries in the decision-making mechanism.

In this sense, the Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU) and its collective and individual partners called for the adoption of measures to reduce the financial gap between developed and developing countries, including those aimed at resolving the pressing problem of their debt. last.

The text raises as imperatives the change in production and consumption patterns; the fulfillment of Official Development Assistance goals by rich countries, and the adoption of measures to respond to the climate crisis, including financing for that matter by developed nations.

Urges the strengthening of the United Nations Development System; technology transfer to developing countries on advantageous terms; the elimination of digital divides; and the restructuring of international trade mechanisms, among other factors, it noted.

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