Cuban cinema and sports will have their room in France

Cuban cinema and sports will have their room in France
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13 May 2023
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A Cuban film festival and the lengthening of the training of Cuban athletes on French soil are among the activities of Cuba Cooperation France (CubaCoop) in the coming months, the association confirmed.

In the context of the annual celebration devoted to Cuba by the organization, its president, Victor Fernandez, advanced that the conditions are created for the first Cuban film festival in the town of Vitry-sur-Seine, where the French public will have the opportunity to enjoy, from June 17 to the 24th. several films, getting by this, closer to Cuba.

The program will include the films Benny, which depicts the life of the famous singer-songwriter Benny Moré, the multi-award-winning Strawberry and Chocolate; El Mayor, a film inspired by the patriot and independence fighter Ignacio Agramonte, the emotional social drama “Conducta” and very different comedies such as Esther en alguna parte and Boccaccerías Habaneras.

Likewise, the meeting with the seventh art in the commune, located in the Paris Region, will include a room for solidarity with the island, which has been facing for more than 60 years the economic, commercial and financial blockade, imposed by the United States.

Fernandez thanked the authorities of Vitry-sur-Seine for their willingness to host the festival, an event that CubaCoop plans to systematize.

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