Cuban canoeists debut today in Canoe World Cup

Cuban canoeists debut today in Canoe World Cup
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27 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 26 (ACN) Cuba debuts today in the first day of the World Cup in Poznan, Poland, with Yarisleidis Cirilo-Khaterin Nuevo and José Ramón Pelier- Tabiani Diéguez Álvarez in the 500-m tandem canoes (C-2).

Olympians Cirilo and Nuevo—who finished second in the recent World Cup in Recise, Czech Republic—will be in heat 1 of the preliminaries, while Pelier, who was also in Tokyo 2020, will be in heat 3 with Diéguez, an international debutant.

Cirilo a-Nuevo duo won the silver medal last weekend in that discipline and distance at the World Cup in Racice, Czech Republic, where the gold medal went to the world and Olympic champions, the Chinese Xu Shixiao and Sun Mengya, will row alongside the Cubans, who defeated them in the preliminaries in Racice.

On Friday, the Cuban Serguei Torres, winner of the 1,000 m C-2 in Tokyo, will also see action.

Cuba finished sixth in the Czech Republic with two gold, two silver and one bronze medals (2-2-1), behind Spain (3-4-2), China (3-2-2), Germany (3-2-1), Ukraine (3-2-1) and Poland (2-2-2).

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