Cuban authorities: role of women in Cuban science is essential

Cuban authorities: role of women in Cuban science is essential
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23 August 2022
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Havana, Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) The presence of Cuban women is decisive in the economic and social development of the country, where their participation in the field of science is essential, according to authorities.

Among the achievements to be exhibited during the celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women are those obtained by its relevant publications and invention patents.

In Cuba, 42 percent of researchers are women, and they are the vast majority in terms of specialization categories in advanced technology.

They also represent 69.6 percent of the personnel in the public health sector, 53.5 percent of the Science, Innovation and Technology system, and 48 percent of the Cuban scientific universe.

According to data from the Academy of Sciences, women were the authors of six of the 10 Cuban inventions that received the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Regarding the composition of said institution, until last year 34 percent of the membership was made up of women, making the entity the one with the highest female representation worldwide.

Data from the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment of Cuba show that, of a total of 89,214 people dedicated to activities in this sector at the national level, 53 percent are women, and 68 percent of 7,750 categorized researchers are also women.

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