Cuba Yes! Blockade no! is the message underlying conference in the U.S.

Cuba Yes! Blockade no! is the message underlying conference in the U.S.
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21 March 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 20 (ACN) Cuba Yes! Blockade No! is the message underlying the International U.S.-Cuba Normalization Conference held in New York as part of a worldwide effort against this illegal policy designed by the White House.

In this exercise of international solidarity with Cuba, different panels addressed specific issues of the Cuban realities—such as "Cuba and the Battle of Ideas: Our Tasks and Perspectives to End the Unjust U.S. Blockade", “"Building Cross-Border Solidarity with Cuba" and “Countering the lies and propaganda against Cuba”—and urged to set up a common front of support made up of organizations such as Bridges of Love and people of good will in the U.S., Canada and other countries who oppose the criminal policy against the Cuban people.

Hosted by The People's Forum association in Manhattan, New York, the meeting had an in-person attendance of more than 150, while hundreds of activists from other countries participated through online platforms.

The U.S.-Cuba International Standards Conference Coalition is a broad-based united effort to work against U.S. sanctions and bellicosity against Cuba on all fronts, according to its promoters.

“We work to build ties and a better understanding between the United States and Cuba and for the normalization of relations,” is the message of the participants.


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