Cuba will seek places for San Salvador-2023 chess event

Cuba will seek places for San Salvador-2023 chess event
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5 January 2023
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Havana, January 5 (ACN)-- Between the 21st and 22nd of this month of January, the qualifiers for the chess tournament of the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023 will be defined.

Cuba will be among those involved in a competition that will distribute tickets to the 15 best placed countries in both sexes, as two independent championships will be played to award the places.

According to what was published by the Chess Federation of America (Fide America), a hybrid tournament will be played in venues chosen by each country and the matches will be played through the digital platform Tornelo.

The tournament will be played in 11 rounds Swiss system with quick games (10 minutes per player) and the results of the representatives of each gender will be added to define the qualifiers.

Fide America extended until the 15th the deadline for each nation to announce their contestants in this qualifying event.

The Salvadoran hosts are the only ones with already assured qualification (2 men and 2 women) and the remaining 60 contestants will come out of the aforementioned hybrid event.

This is the first time that chess has been summoned for the Central American and Caribbean Games, and according to its organizers there will be competitions in two different formats: rapid and blitz games.

Chess will distribute eight sets of medals in San Salvador 2023, as there will be individual and team prizes in each gender.

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