Cuba will protect the most vulnerable in the monetary reform

Cuba will protect the most vulnerable in the monetary reform
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21 November 2020
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Cuba is preparing to protect the most vulnerable from implementing the Organizing Task, affirmed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

The director of Prevention, Assistance and Social Work of the MTSS, Belkis Delgado, ratified on a report of the local television that the country will maintain its policy of not leaving anyone behind,  and that the system is already preparing to respond to the demands that are generated.

The Organizing Task is related to monetary and exchange rate unification, wage and price reform, and the elimination of undue subsidies and gratuities.

In this new scenario, Delgado emphasized, Social Assistance benefits will be maintained for the beneficiaries who require it and the services they had been receiving.

However, the system is organized to offer immediate social protection to those families that, due to different circumstances, are considered vulnerable.

Actions such as the decentralization of social assistance procedures to the municipal level, which allows for a quick evaluation and approval of cases, are already being implemented to ensure this purpose.


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