Cuba will present NeuroEPo results in Sweden

Cuba will present NeuroEPo results in Sweden
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1 April 2023
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Cuba will present the results obtained so far in phase two and three of clinical trials of the drug called NeuroEPO at the International Conference on Alzheimer being held in Sweden.

NeuroEPO is a variant of recombinant human erythropoietin formulated for nasal administration whose final development demonstrated that there is an arrest of the progression of Alzheimer and that it improves aspects related to the cognitive sphere.

Data from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health indicate that nearly 170,000 people in the country suffer from dementia, of which 10 percent are over 65 years of age and make up 1.3 of the total population. The prevalence of this neurodegenerative disease is estimated at 10.2 per 100 Cubans aged 65 or over, and Alzheimer's is its most frequent cause.


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