Cuba strengthens ties with its nationals abroad

Cuba strengthens ties with its nationals abroad
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17 November 2023
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Cuba is living today the best moment of relations with its diaspora, Ernesto Soberon, director general of Consular Affairs and Cubans Living Abroad (Daccre), said.

Next weekend’s celebration of the IV Conference of the Nation and Emigration will make it possible to boost those ties, he said, while speaking the day before on the TV program Mesa Redonda.

The diplomat pointed out that the advances in this sense are the result of a sustained process of rapprochement that began in 1978 and allowed the holding of the first of these meetings in 1994.

On this occasion, some 400 Cubans living abroad will talk at the Havana Convention Palace about the links with their country of origin and the prospects of that relationship, as well as migratory issues and others related to culture and identity, economic development, and investments.

The meeting will be attended by a significant number of persons who have not participated in previous dialogues, as well as a large number of Cubans living in the country and abroad.

There is a considerable increase in requests for cooperation, business, and investment projects in which Cubans can participate, Soberón said.

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