Cuba reports 786 new cases of COVID- 19, 3 deaths

Cuba reports 786 new cases of COVID- 19, 3 deaths
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26 January 2021
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The National Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Francisco Duran,   urged Cubans to be responsible and abide by the protocols devised to avoid the SARS –Cov-2 virus infection that causes Covid-19 disease.

After performing more than 15 thousand PCR tests on Monday, the national network of molecular laboratories diagnosed 786 new cases of the diseased, a dramatic and alarming increase in the figure of new infections and the highest for a day since the beginning of the pandemic.

With this figure, Cuba reports a cumulative total of 22 614 diagnosed people with the disease and 200 fatalities.

Over the last 24 hours, 9954 people remained hospitalized. Of them, 4 665 are positive patients, the highest number ever.

Havana province reported the highest number of new cases, 344, followed by Santiago de Cuba with 121, Guantanamo with 82, and Matanzas with 28.



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