Cuba rejects in Geneva politicization and selectivity in human rights

Cuba rejects in Geneva politicization and selectivity in human rights
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16 September 2020
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Cuba on Wednesday reiterated at the UN Human Rights Council its rejection to politicization and selectivity of the sensitive issue as instruments to attack some countries.

Addressing the 45th session of the body in Geneva, made up of 47 State members, Cuban diplomat Lester Delgado pointed out that the work by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and her office should focus on fairness and universality.

The fight against politicization and selectivity should be an objective and a priority in her work, Delgado stressed during the debate on issue two of the Council's agenda, dedicated to analyzing the management by the High Commissioner and her office.

The Cuban representative repudiated the crusade against Venezuela and Nicaragua and expressed Havana's invariable solidarity with those nations.

We condemn the unilateral coercive measures, the continuous threats, destabilization and interference, among other aggressions, which seriously violate the UN Charter and International Law, he stated here.

Delgado also ratified his support to the High Commissioner and a mandate to promote dialogue and cooperation.

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