Cuba ratifies filmmaker Lester Hamlet’s right to return home

Cuba ratifies filmmaker Lester Hamlet’s right to return home
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25 August 2022
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Havana Aug 25 (Prensa Latina) Authorities from cultural institutions in Cuba ratified the right of filmmaker and audiovisual producer Lester Hamlet to return home whenever he wishes and by virtue of his constitutional rights.

Following Hamlet’s allusion to an alleged banishment from Cuba on his Facebook account, Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso assured that “he can return to Cuba (…) anything else he has been told by the Icaic Protocol department is a mistake.”

The minister tweeted that they will rectify and make the corresponding analysis, in response to Hamlet’s statement on an alleged call from the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industries (Icaic) and the prohibition to enter Cuba for five years.

For his part, Icaic President Ramon Samada said that the doors are open for Hamlet to continue his work as a creator.

The president of the Havana-based Casa de las Americas, Abel Prieto, requested the dissemination of the clarifying Tweet from the minister of Culture in order to prevent misinformed people from being part of that campaign, “let’s always defend the truth,” he said

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