Cuba qualifies for the 2025 Men's Handball World Cup

Cuba qualifies for the 2025 Men's Handball World Cup
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13 May 2024
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The Cuban men's handball team qualified for the 2025 World Championship, with the conquest of the title in the North American and Caribbean Tournament of that sport based in Mexico.

Precisely, the Mexican team was the rival of its counterpart from Cuba in the final, in a duel in which the representatives of the Island won with a large advantage of 36 goals to 21, according to the official site of the contest.

From the first half, the winners made clear their intentions to win the gold medal and the only ticket available to the world event that Croatia, Denmark and Norway will jointly organize next year.

Before the break, those led by Jover Hernández were ahead on the scoreboard with a score of 18-10, a difference that they widened over the course of the game.

The Caribbean nation's team was the best in that competition from start to finish, in which they achieved six wins without losses.

This Saturday at the close of the qualifying phase they had surpassed the hosts of the event by a score of 34-20.

In their debut last Monday, the Cuban handball players defeated Puerto Rico with a comfortable score of 34-17; while a day later they beat Canada 40-24.

Then in the third match they beat Greenland with a score of 35-26, and this Friday they beat the United States, defending champion, with a score of 33-23.

With that title, Cuba consolidated its dominance in the historical medal table of those competitions, now with two gold medals, the previous one in 2018, a silver medal in 2014 and the bronze in 2022.

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