Cuba to promote exports to Caribbean countries

Cuba to promote exports to Caribbean countries
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24 October 2020
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Cuba will promote exports of products and services to representatives of Caribbean nations, the Chamber of Commerce reported.


Companies from several sectors, including construction, industry, mining and biotechnology, among others, will meet on October 27 to present their business opportunities to Caribbean ambassadors.

The objective is to promote exports as one of the pillars of Cuba's new socioeconomic strategy to fight the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and exacerbated by the US blockade, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce posted on Twitter.

Since August, new legal regulations have come into force in Cuba to support exports by all economic sectors, including private entrepreneurs.

To date, non-state forms of management have sold products such as charcoal, fruits, fresh and canned vegetables, natural chemicals and ecological timber to other countries; and services such as engineering, which La Concordia cooperative provides to a Panamanian company.

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