Cuba Praises Forum Against Neocolonialism’s Initiative

Cuba Praises Forum Against Neocolonialism’s Initiative
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17 February 2024
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Cuba praises holding the Forum Against Neocolonialism at a time when some states are trying to maintain their hegemony, Emilio Lozada, head of the Cuban delegation, said in this capital on Friday.

Lozada, who is also the head of the International Relations Department of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)’s Central Committee, sent greetings to the participants on behalf of First Secretary of the Cuban political party and President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

He recalled that the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, warned from Havana in 1961 that “imperialism and colonialism are two anchors that hold back the universe, and these words are in force 60 years later.

The Cuban political leader also stated that Cuba was subjected to the extensive and cruelest blockade by the United States, a policy tightened in the last five years and has affected the main sectors of the Cuban economy.

The US Government has included Cuba in the false list of countries that sponsor terrorism while it illegally occupies a portion of Cuban territory in Guantanamo province.

“This forum must speak out strongly against the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people,” the PCC leader said, adding that his country reiterates the call for independence for Puerto Rico and self-determination for the Western Sahara people.

Lozada finally stressed that the Communist Party of Cuba condemns the Western sanctions against the Russian Federation and the expansion, to the East, of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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