Cuba has exemplary behavior in the fight against terrorism

Cuba has exemplary behavior in the fight against terrorism
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12 January 2021
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Havana, Jan 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has an exemplary behavior in the fight against terrorism, assured on Tuesday in Havana the deputy director for the United States of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Johana Tablada.
In an interview with Prensa Latina, Tablada rejected the recent decision of the government of outgoing President Donald Trump to include Cuba again in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

An expected step - she said - which has nothing to do with Cuba's performance in the fight against the scourge but with the behavior pattern of Trump's administration since the onset of his term.

Cuba has not only been an exemplary country in the international fight against that dangerous scourge, but also in cooperation with the United States in this field and 'the most important recent example is the return of a domestic terrorist to that country in 2018,' the diplomat noted.

She commented that US intelligence agencies constantly point out that the main threats to their security are internal and even on that issue Cuba has cooperated; however, 'the United States cannot say the same,' she underscored.

The diplomat recalled that the US 'has been a refuge for the most notorious terrorists who have carried out more than 500 actions against Cuba throughout history.'

She emphasized, in that sense, that one of the most notorious criminals in the Western Hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles, perpetrator of the 1976 mid-flight explosion of a Cuban civilian plane, 'died peacefully in Miami without ever being disturbed.'

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