Cuba drops constraints to list of non-state business activities

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Cuba drops constraints to list of non-state business activities
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7 August 2020
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Havana, August 8 (RHC)-- As part of the island´s new strategy for the economic recovery in the post-COVID-19 island authorities have announced the scrapping of a list that sets out a tight definition of business activities permitted in the island nation’s.

Labor Minister Marta Elena Feito told the Mesa Redonda televised program that the pandemic had proven the list was too restrictive and cited successful joint operations during the pandemic between non-state and state sectors.

3-D printed mouthpieces for the island´s newly designed ventilators for ICUs and personal protective equipment were acquired from private entrepreneurs, she illustrated.

According to the new regulations, there will be no limits in activities to be performed in the private sector. The scope of the activity shall be determined on the basis of the proposal made by the party interested in carrying it out, and its authorization will be based on its compliance with the law and that its resources come from licit origin.

Measures adopted recently adopted as part of the strategy include the opening of a wholesale outlet in the capital to private eateries for the first time and the authorization for small private businesses to import and export, through state companies.

The measure is expected to boost the encouragement of cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises, in the private sector and of mixed character.

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