Cuba does not want this Freedom

Cuba does not want this Freedom
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4 August 2021
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Truth comes out from other places in the world despite the brutal communication campaign orchestrated against the Cuban Revolution, which led to the occurrence of civil unrest last July 11th, incited and paid — most of them — from the United States.

We are talking about the statements made by Spanish Alberto Cubero, councilor for Zaragoza, who amid a debate in a municipal plenary, rejected to vote in favor of a motion against Cuba, introduced by Spanish right, which shows a profound concern over the situation of the human rights in Cuba.

Cubero not only dismantled the opinion matrix of the anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami, which tries to make people believe all lies about the alleged existing dictatorship in the island, but he also hauled the right wing of his country over the coal for being cynical and remaining silent on the injustice experienced by several Spaniards.

In his brilliant speech, he stated: “What I see here is a right wing claiming to be concerned over the human rights in Cuba. But it is the same right wing that three months ago refused to condemn the hundreds of killings of indigenous leaders and human right champions in Colombia. They have not condemned either the 72 casualties and thousands of missing people in South Africa because the President of Haiti has been murdered by Colombian militaries trained in the United States. They have not mentioned, not once, the ongoing 62 years-old U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba, which is roundly condemned by the United Nations, which prevents, for instance, from purchasing syringes the only nation in Latin America to have produced and done research to develop not only one but two vaccines against COVID-19.

But, moreover, you do not have moral authority to criticize Cuba on human rights when here in Spain families, even with minors, are evicted. And the right to housing is not only article 47 in our Constitution, but also article 25 in the universal declaration of human rights. Do you know where families are not evicted? In Cuba. Do you know why? Well, because banks have no power over the Cuban government as it happens in Spain, that even though you may have signed an agreement with the government saying you are going to stop evictions and you are going to regulate rental prices, you cannot do it because banks and major holders put a lot of pressure on governments and thus, the popular will express at the polls is crushed. You cannot teach Cuba about democracy if you live and practice the dictatorship of the capital in Spain. You cannot give lessons about democracy to Cuba if our emeritus King Juan Carlos robbed us all. He enriched with the illegal arms sales and fled to a dictatorship like the Arab Emirates.”

And finally, he inflicted the toughest blow that right wingers “champions” of human rights can receive: “You determine whether nations are living or not under a dictatorship based on your own concept of freedom, which is the freedom of money, which is the right to get richer at any cost, but you are actually concerned about is that in Cuba, after Batista’s fall in 1959, the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro arrived and ordered to stop it all. You are actually concerned over the fact that Cuba is reference that another world is possible. While you go to other nations to plundering their resources, Cuba sends professors. While you send bombs, Cuba sends doctors. In the worst scenario of this pandemic, north of Italy, your dictatorship of capital abandoned the people and only sent militaries to pick up dead people while Cuba sent solidarity and a medical brigade.”

As the saying reads: “truth will prevail” and solidarity and humanism — which Cubans have practiced all over the world— cannot be erased with media campaigns (masterminded by the laboratories of hatred), or cynical and opportunistic motions.

Hopefully, the minority of Cubans — confused or not — who hit the streets on July 11, may listen to the words of Cubero (who live and suffer from capitalism). Because that is the freedom waiting for us — if the Revolution collapses one day. That is the freedom of banks to evict families and the best way pharmaceutical companies can do business with our health. That freedom, Cuba does not want it at all.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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