Cuba Denounces Tightening of the US Financial Blockade

Cuba Denounces Tightening of the US Financial Blockade
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1 June 2024
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The only reason to keep Cuba on the unilateral list of State sponsors of terrorism is to toughen the extreme measures of financial siege against the Cuban people, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez declared today.

On May 15, the North American State Department announced that Cuba is not included in its 2023 report on countries that “do not fully cooperate” in the fight against this scourge.

A document sent to members of Congress notes that “the Secretary of State determined and certified under Section 40A of the Arms Export Control Act of the United States in the calendar year 2023, that four countries –North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela– were not fully cooperating with counterterrorism efforts.” The text adds that the circumstances for the certification of Cuba as a non-cooperative country with anti-terrorist efforts changed between 2022 and 2023 and consequently, the Foreign Ministry does not designate the island as such.

However, the entity itself argues that its report is not sufficient to remove Cuba from the List of countries sponsoring terrorism, because this designation is subject to “the law and the criteria established by Congress.”

That same day, through a statement published on its website, the Cuban Foreign Ministry urged the United States to remove the Caribbean nation from the arbitrary list and highlighted that there is a global demand, loud and repeated, for the US Government to correct this injustice. . He assured that it is not enough to simply recognize that Cuba cooperates fully with the anti-terrorist efforts of Washington and the international community, a fact that, in the opinion of Minrex, is a known truth.

In turn, he concluded that President Joe Biden has all the prerogatives to act honestly and do the right thing.

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