Cuba defends human rights in a progressive way

Cuba defends human rights in a progressive way
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10 December 2020
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Cuba practices one of the most progressive and comprehensive policies in the field of human rights, a senior official of the foreign ministry said Wednesday.Havana, December

The director of Multilateral Affairs and International Law, Rodolfo Reyes, assured in a TV appearance that human rights are universal for the island where there is no distinction between social, economic, cultural, and other rights.

He illustrated that the right to food is still elusive to 700 million people who suffer from hunger.

This is an issue that the United States is reluctant to address, he said.

Havana defends the right to self-determination, peace, education, culture, and others in various forums, particularly in the Human Rights Council.

The Caribbean nation is a founding member of the Council, and it is returning to it in January with the overwhelming vote of the UN General Assembly.

Reyes said that this is a recognition of the Cuban practice in this matter and its action in defending the human rights of its citizens and those of other nations in international tribunals with resolutions and initiatives.

The Cuban diplomat denounced that human rights are used by the most powerful countries to impose interests and hostile measures against third nations.

In this regard, he mentioned Cuba, a victim of the blockade intensified by the United States in times of pandemic, and Venezuela and Nicaragua in Latin America.

He underlined that in Cuba's case, the burden caused by Washington's blockade is historical. It has caused last year losses of more than five billion dollars.

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