Cuba debates on international cooperation to fight disasters

Cuba debates on international cooperation to fight disasters
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6 December 2023
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International cooperation to reduce disasters is the focus, this Wednesday, on the second day of the 11th International Congress on Disasters and the 7th International Conference of Firefighters.

The analysis of priorities and strategies of the leading planning instruments, resilience in urban risks, and the diagnosis of construction pathologies, projects, and emergencies are other issues to be analyzed in the event to conclude on Friday.

United Nations Resident Coordinator in Cuba, Francisco Pichón, said at this capital’s Conference Center on Tuesday that Cuba’s Civil Defense is internationally known, and its disaster risk reduction strategy is a real strength for the Caribbean nation.

Pichón said that the work done by the disaster risk reduction centers and the United Nations System contributes to success, and we also work together on other projects.

The executive added that Cuba has been tested in the face of the most complex challenges, and thanks to trust, respect, and cooperation, we can coordinate more actions.

He said that we do not only fight hurricanes in Cuba but also other events such as drought and epidemics. Along with the United Nations System, we are preparing to face a seismic movement of great intensity in the eastern region.


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