Cuba to create new pregnancy tracker app

Cuba to create new pregnancy tracker app
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23 October 2023
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Developing a brand-new app to track pregnant women is one of the advanced studies rolled out by Primary Health Care (PHC) in Matanzas province.

According to, the new app will enable specialists to monitor data on risk factors and decision-making during pregnancy, with alerts and alarm reports that will only be eliminated once the condition that caused them has been transformed.

Ronald Ferreiro, member of the Mother and Child Care Program (PAMI) in Matanzas, stated the app will be ready in December for a pilot test in separate clinics.

The app will also provide data on reports on the number of patients with their risks, alerts in the case of conditions such as smoking mothers, weight, nutrition, growth restrictions, alarms in the event of the threat of pre-term delivery (based on ultrasound results) and other urgent situations, explained the specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine.

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