Cuba conducts dynamic test to prepare for national elections

Cuba conducts dynamic test to prepare for national elections
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19 March 2023
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Cuba is holding today a dynamic test ahead of the national elections on March 26, when the 470 deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power - parliament - will be elected.

This Sunday's exercise will consist first of a practical test in the polling stations and in each of the structures where the conditions of lighting, documentation, communications and the space to exercise the vote have been created.

This will be followed by a practical exercise with ballots that will not bear the names of the candidates, which will include a scrutiny and the transmission of the votes, according to Tomás Amarán, vice-president of the National Electoral Council -CEN.

Amarán pointed out that the 23,468 polling stations and the almost 200,000 people involved in the elections will be activated to make the system ready.

According to Marina Carbó, member of the CEN, all these actions are aimed at ensuring that the elections are organized and transparent as established by the electoral law in our country.

In that sense, she highlighted the participation of children and young people in the elections, in the case of the former, around 140 thousand will be the custodians of the ballot boxes, a singularity of the suffrages in Cuba.

Meanwhile, a similar number of middle and high school students will work as collaborators observing the correct performance of the 26th.

Carbó granted a relevant role to the dissemination of the candidates' biographies through the media, because although they are exposed in public places in the communities, all efforts to make them known are valid.

Next Sunday, March 26, Cubans will elect their deputies to parliament, for which it is necessary to know their merits and trajectory, since in the Caribbean nation there are no electoral campaigns.

Those elected will be in charge of electing the president and vice-president of the country and continue with the legislative development of the Constitution.


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