Cuba condemns in Geneva NGO's attack subject to US campaign

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Cuba condemns in Geneva NGO's attack subject to US campaign
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28 September 2020
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Cuba has condemned at the UN Human Rights' Council the offensive comments of the non-governmental organization Engineers of the World, a political attack that is part of the US crusade against the island.

In the ongoing debates of the 45th period of sessions of the body headquartered in Geneva, Cuba's diplomat Lisandra Astiasaran denounced the clear and undeniable similarity of the speech of that entity and the subversive actions and messages of the US government and its embassy in Havana.

There is an indisputable reality: Washington has tried for many years to arrange a counterrevolution in our country, nurtured in its vast majority by a group of common criminals recruited as mercenaries, whom it tries to present as an alleged opposition, defenders of human rights and even independent intellectuals, she warned.

According to Astiasaran, that is what this and other NGOs promote in the Council, in a position that regrets the lack of resources to come to Geneva of organizations and human rights' defenders who could contribute to the debates.

Engineers of the World intervened to accuse Russia, China and Cuba of not complying with human rights' standards that support their aspirations to join the 47 member States' body, and in the case of Cuba, they mentioned alleged torture of citizen Jose Daniel Ferrer, who was imprisoned for common crimes.

In that regard, Cuba's representative urged the entity to be updated before defending common criminals, and recalled that its cited example corresponds to an individual who discredited himself since he was recorded hitting himself and later he said he had been subjected to brutal torture.

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