Cuba condemned the subversive purposes of measures announced by the U.S.

Cuba condemned the subversive purposes of measures announced by the U.S.
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18 May 2022
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Havana, May 18 (RHC)-- Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío condemned the subversive purposes of the measures recently announced by the United States regarding the island.

As he informed on the televised program Mesa Redonda on Tuesday, the provisions have a hostile language towards the Revolution and make clear the intentions of dividing, destroying the unity of the people and the political system of the Caribbean nation.

He commented that the purpose of U.S. policy remains to alter and modify Cuba's constitutional order, together with the attempts to isolate the Caribbean nation internationally.

The government representative pointed out that the regulations for implementing this road map announced by Joe Biden's administration are still pending. They could take months to be issued, and therefore,  he urged caution when measuring the scope of the provisions.

Fernandez emphasized that the measures do not mean lifting or easing the economic, commercial, and financial blockade, which causes severe damage to the daily life of the people.

In the meantime, U.S. citizens cannot engage in tourism on the island, impediments persist for the purchase of products bilaterally, exports, and transactions in third countries, and Washington still tries to prevent the supply of fuel to Cuba.

"There is a relaxation or exceptions to the measures, but it remains to be seen how they will be applied; nothing has been altered," insisted the deputy Foreign Minister.

The Joe Biden administration announced on Monday the elimination of limits on remittances, the reinstatement of so-called people-to-people travel, and the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program, all suspended by the administration of Donald Trump.

Regular and charter flights to Cuban provinces would also be reestablished, consular services at its embassy in Havana will be expanded, and other provisions.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the provisions constitute "a limited step in the right direction," as they do not modify the blockade or "the fraudulent inclusion in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism."

The State Department's statement about this decision comes almost a year and four months after Biden assumed the presidency. In his electoral campaign days, he had promised to reverse the policies of his predecessor.

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