Cuba changes for the best of its people, FM affirms

Cuba changes for the best of its people, FM affirms
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18 January 2022
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Cuba is changing for the good of its people, Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said today, referring to the country's remarkable achievements in all spheres of society after the triumph of the Revolution in January 1959.

The Cuban diplomat highlighted on Twitter that after January 1, 1959, the Caribbean island experienced the most transcendental changes in its history.

Rodriguez Parrilla assured that the country is working today to achieve new conquests, and accompanied his tweet with the hashtag #CubaVive.

Public health and education have been a right of all people in Cuba since the revolutionary triumph of January 1959 and the quality of both programs has been recognized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Among the favorable indicators are a life expectancy of 78.45 years, the elimination of 14 infectious diseases, nine others that are not health problems and the control of 29 communicable diseases.

In addition, it has contributed to the promotion and protection of the right to health of millions of human beings in the world, through international medical cooperation.

Cuba's results have been achieved in the face of decades of economic, commercial and financial blockade by the United States, thanks to the political will of the Government and the active participation of the people.

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