Cuba approves additional economic aid

Cuba approves additional economic aid
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13 September 2021
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Cuban social assistance authorities reported on Monday the approval of a new temporary economic aid for people in this nation.

Granma newspaper also highlights on Monday that the decision was made effective from this September and this is in addition to the benefits and services offered through the social security system.

The note reflects that the attention to the most vulnerable people has become a permanent policy in Cuba, even in the exceptional context the economy is going through.

Under the principle that no one is left helpless or abandoned to their fate, the Government approved the financing, through the State Budget, of a temporary economic aid to the social assistance beneficiaries who receive monetary benefits.

This covers the cost of the standard family food basket, additional rice and cleaning products that are delivered in a controlled manner through the supply booklet.

The decision was materialized in the current month, and is added to the benefits and services granted through the social security system, the message stresses.

This economic assistance, which is provided according to the composition of the family nucleus, has already been delivered to 161,574 beneficiaries of social assistance, in the mail offices where they usually collect the monetary benefit.

The payment will be extended until next September 15 and proves the constant concern of the State for its citizens.

According to a note from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, this measure is in keeping with the social benefit policy that historically defines the Cuban Revolution, and ratifies the Government's will to give priority attention to the needy.


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