Cuba applies the law to those who threaten people's health

Cuba applies the law to those who threaten people's health
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5 April 2020
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The Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Havana accused eight citizens of illegally stealing protective items for medical personnel, while Cuba is fighting the new coronavirus, local media reported today.

'Fighting these crime which affect the health of our people: neither implacable nor tolerant', assures the Prosecutor's Office in an article published in Tribuna de La Habana newspaper.

The crime in question involves employees at a medical supply store, drivers and other delinquents who stole 455 cases of masks and other supplies with the aim of illegally selling them on the informal market.

In addition, during the investigations the authorities found more than 3,000 masks illegally transferred to a private home in the central province of Villa Clara, where there were also gowns, scalpels, suture threads, surgical clamps, and other medical items.

The eight defendants, who are in provisional detention for serious crimes, will have their rights and guarantees respected and, according to the Prosecutor's Office, 'the full force of the law will fall on them'.

This Saturday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called for rigorous action against the social indiscipline of those who fail to comply with the measures adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that caused Covid-19.



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