Covid-19 outbreak forces closing of facilities in China

Covid-19 outbreak forces closing of facilities in China
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20 October 2021
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Beijing, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) China closed all tourist resorts in Gansu province (northwest) on Wednesday, after confirming at least six cases of Covid-19 among tourists who traveled there.
Local authorities temporarily closed places like the Western Thousand Buddha Caves, as well as the Mogao and Yulin ones, all with a high flow of visitors.

In addition to the measure, Gansu suspended operations in cinemas, religious seats and gambling, limited mobility and urged the population to avoid unnecessary travels to other parts of the country.

Nor will forums or other meetings requiring a large audience be allowed. There was also the interruption of admission of patients to care institutions.

The current Covid-19 outbreak infected people in Gansu, but also in Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Shaanxi, Guizhou and even in Beijing, which had not reported cases for 70 consecutive days.

The National Health Commission mobilized experts to lead the fight against the disease in all these territories, while resorting to vaccination with booster doses.

China immunized more than two billion national and foreign citizens against Covid-19 with its own vaccines, while maintaining shipments to a hundred countries, either as export or aid.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan total at least 5,695 deaths and 125,322 cases in mainland since the emergence of the virus and disease in December 2019.

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