Covid-19 becomes main issue in US elections, says expert

Covid-19 becomes main issue in US elections, says expert
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21 October 2020
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Washington, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) The number one problem in the US general elections is the number of deaths caused by President Donald Trump's disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an article posted in The Hill newspaper.
The issue is valid both for the race for the presidency and that waged by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives, the text adds, signed by Brent Budowsky, a former assistant to several congressmen in different terms. According to the author, Trump allowed the disease to become a national nightmare for the health and safety of the American people.

For the fight for control of both houses of Congress, problem number two is the catastrophic economic damage to American families and the economy, caused by the catastrophic disaster of Trump's actions that allowed the coronavirus to spread equally in states that lean toward both Democrats and Republicans.

According to the Worldometer digital site, to date, more than 226,200 Americans have died from Covid-19, while 8,521,465 people have been infected.

According to Bukowsky, leading medical authorities, including many maligned by Trump as 'idiots,' have warned that the death toll from could rise above 400,000 early next year. This is why the Covid-19 death toll dominates the 2020 campaign, and if the virus could vote, it would vote in favor of Trump.

This situation can be remedied if voters elect Biden as president and Democrats to control the Senate and House, to fully support his plans to defeat the disease and provide financial support to all Americans suffering from the virus-infected economy.

It is incredible, and politically destructive to Trump and the Republicans in the Senate and House, which along with the news on the increase in deaths from Covid-19, there are videos of Trump speaking at rallies with packed crowds shouting out slogans, without masks and no social distancing, the author concludes.

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