Congress ends in Cuba with a call for educators to unite

Congress ends in Cuba with a call for educators to unite
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3 February 2023
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With a call to achieve an integration of educators that will lead to development and not to colonization, the 18th International Pedagogy 2023 Congress concluded here on Friday.

The final declaration of the event, which took place this week in Havana, ratified the delegates’ commitment to maintaining the quality of an education that rescues the culture and values of nations and of schools as transforming entities.

The document, released by Honduran teacher Gloria Centeno, recognizes the efforts of educators to maintain teaching and reduce the impacts of an unstable global social context.

Participants in the event pointed out the urgency of advancing in the educational transformation and the resilience of education systems, promoting literacy, greater social recognition of teachers and putting ICTs at the service of programs that benefit the broad masses.

At the closing session of Pedagogy 2023, UNESCO Director General for Culture Ernesto Ottone stressed that these meetings are an expression of solidarity of the importance of rapprochement and mutual knowledge to transform education.

More than 1,700 delegates from 51 countries and eight international organizations participated in the Congress, as well as representatives of the member countries of the Group of 77 plus China, whose first meeting of education ministers took place on Thursday.

The director of training and scientific activity at the Cuban Ministry of Education, Gema Diaz, highlighted the holding of this forum and the 3rd Meeting of Rectors and Directors of Teachers and Pedagogical Schools, as well as the General Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Educators.

The official explained that there were 10 pre-event courses, 14 special conferences, two forums, 12 panels and eight symposiums, with a broad participation of delegates who presented their experiences on educational transformation in southern countries during the post-pandemic stage.

During Pedagogy 2023, 34 visits were made to Cuban educational institutions, and books, audiovisual and multimedia materials that showed the correspondence between academia and practice were launched.

The Cuban Ministry of Education granted awards to five Cuban professors for their pedagogical work and the promotion of research projects to include children with special educational needs and the digital transformation of the teaching-learning process.

The 19th Pedagogy Congress will take place from February 10 to 14, 2025.

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