Clarita García: Reading is Essential at All Times

Clarita García: Reading is Essential at All Times
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8 April 2024
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The popular Cuban actress Clarita García, professor Amalia at the television series Calendario, is invited to the XXXII International Book Fair in Guantánamo, where she is traveling for the first time, due to the dramatized interest and a bit to encourage reading, she explained to the Cuban News Agency.

I’m very happy about my visit to this province, I came with my family and they have really welcomed me with great joy, the people are very attentive, it has been very nice in the streets, just like at the station, where they welcomed me with so much affection, said García, whose character captivated the public with her talent and sensitivity.

Regarding her activities during the days of the Fair, from March 20-24 in Guantanamo, she said that she will come to the Music School and other teachings, for her interaction with the students, to also talk about Calendario, in addition to everything that arises along the way, until Monday, when we will return to Havana: it’s an opportunity I couldn’t miss, she remarked.

The charismatic actress, whose character Amalia plays a Spanish-Literature teacher who appeals to Guillén as well as Fernando Ortiz, Félix Varela, José María Heredia, Leonardo Padura or Federico García Lorca, believes that books can have a true transformation, even in the most adverse conditions.

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I consider that reading is always essential, right now we are living in a digital age - she says -, and phones steal most of our time, so we have to call each other, and dedicate more time to our family, take care of ourselves. As human beings, our sensitivity, and that’s delivered by music, but also by books.

In my personal story, since I was nine years old my mother worked at a library, I always had books around me and I was amazed to have them nearby. For the preparation of Calendario I looked for the biography of Dulce María Loynaz, her poems, I returned to the physical book, which is not the same as the digital.

That aura living in books... it’s important for young people to have them within reach, to read poetry, stories, adventures... that helps the imagination, and if the imagination is active and alive, life can be a lot better, she highlights.

As for the last release of the series, Clarita assures that she had not seen any episode until its premiere: I enjoy it now as just another viewer, and it motivates me a lot, because as it’s the final season, each scene was a farewell, and I continue to be surprised by the people on the street, on the social networks, all the nice things they post.

Regarding immediate projects, she anticipates that right now "Magda (González Grau) is making a telefilm called Invisible, also written by Amilcar Salatti, and I play a small but important character, an aunt of the protagonist, and that has me very motivated" . The rest, my time with my family.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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