China rejects accusations of plans to dominate the Moon

China rejects accusations of plans to dominate the Moon
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4 July 2022
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Beijing, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) China today rejected accusations made by the head of the U.S. Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Bill Nelson about its alleged plans to dominate the Moon and demanded to stop defaming NASA's program.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that such remarks are irresponsible and seek to undermine Beijing’s normal and legitimate incursions into outer space.

It criticized the U.S. for defining this sector as a new battlefield, accelerating the construction of commands and the development of weapons to use there, after denouncing the barriers it is raising to cooperate and the negotiations of a legal instrument on the control of munitions.

The Foreign Ministry reaffirmed the peaceful nature of China’s space program and assured that it meets its economic, social, scientific and security needs. He urged Washington to cease attacks against Beijing, as well as to hypocritically use double standards as it pursues hegemony in this area.

The head of NASA told the German newspaper Bild that China could one day land on the moon and declare it a national territory.

China has had a probe on the dark side of the star since 2019, while a mission launched in late 2020 collected samples from the lunar soil and brought them back to Earth nearly a month later for scientific studies.

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