China highlights ties with Russia and proposes cooperation to EU

China highlights ties with Russia and proposes cooperation to EU
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7 March 2021
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China assured on Sunday that its ties with Russia are a pillar for peace and stability in the world, after demanding from the European Union (EU) and the United States more cooperation and steps toward resolving differences.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted the 'shoulder to shoulder' work of Beijing and Moscow to combat both the Covid-19 pandemic and what he considered 'the political virus', in reference to the criticism and accusations of the West for the origin of the disease, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and vaccines.

In his opinion, both neighbors are an example of strategic trust, mutually beneficial cooperation, rapprochement between people, equity and justice.

'The more unstable the world becomes, the greater the need to carry forward China-Russia cooperation,' he emphasized.

The foreign minister also advocated that this spirit should prevail in relations with the EU, as it shares many interests with Beijing, and constitutes a major player on the global stage and its ties are not subject to any third party.

'China and Europe are great civilizations capable of holding talks and trade, and are not systemic rivals. In the face of crises and challenges they have shown resilience and vitality, sending a positive message to the world,' he stressed.

He highlighted as progress in cooperation the agreement on geographical indications, the conclusion of negotiations on the investment treaty and the fact that China became the EU's largest trading partner for the first time in 2020.

Wang reaffirmed Beijing's commitment to comply with these agreements and work together with the bloc to address global challenges such as climate change, Covid-19, economic recovery and provide more stability to international relations.

With regard to the United States, the Chinese incumbent called on to find common ground, remove unreasonable restrictions on cooperation as soon as possible and refrain from placing new obstacles.

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