China demands the U.S. to stop interfering and defaming Cuba

China demands the U.S. to stop interfering and defaming Cuba
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9 June 2023
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China on Friday demanded the United States not to meddle in Cuba's internal affairs and accused it of spreading slander by rejecting a report on the alleged construction of a spy center on the Caribbean island.

Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denounced that spreading rumors and defamation have become very common practices of Washington, since it uses them to meddle in other nations' affairs and thus believes it has the right to monitor everything that happens in the world.

He criticized the U.S. country for keeping open a prison inside a territory occupied by Cuba, taking part in covert activities and committing crimes against the largest Antillean island for more than six decades.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman urged the United States to reflect on its actions and abandon interference under the pretext of defending freedom, democracy and human rights.

He also urged it to listen to international demands and immediately lift the economic, financial and commercial blockade, in addition to contributing to improving relations with Havana because it would benefit both parties and the peace and stability of the region.

Wang made this pronouncement while opposing the publication by the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal on an alleged agreement between Cuba and China on military matters, for the installation of a spy base.

Yesterday, the Foreign Ministry of Cuba catalogued that report as "totally mendacious and unfounded information".

The island's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, stressed that these are fallacies promoted with the perfidious intention of justifying the unprecedented tightening of Washington's economic blockade against the Caribbean nation and the destabilization campaigns.

It is a matter of deceiving the public opinion of the United States and the world, the diplomat remarked, adding that these are slanders frequently fabricated by U.S. officials, "apparently familiar with intelligence information".

In this sense, he gave as an example those referring to the alleged acoustic attacks against U.S. diplomatic personnel in Havana, the falsehood about a non-existent Cuban military presence in Venezuela and the lie about the imaginary existence of biological weapons laboratories.

"Regardless of Cuba's sovereign rights in defense matters, our country is a signatory of the Declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed in Havana in January 2014. By virtue of it, we reject any foreign military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean," he emphasized.

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