Bolivia to resume internet project with Tupac Katari satellite

Bolivia to resume internet project with Tupac Katari satellite
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8 January 2021
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La Paz, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian Space Agency (ABE) will resume the internet service project with the Tupac Katari satellite (TKSAT-1), the Bolivia Newspaper reported.
In this regard, ABE director Ivan Zambrana explained that during the de facto government the purchase of more equipment was not managed, so the program - now reactivated - was stopped.

Zambrana said that next February they will receive an initial 600-antenna package for the execution of new installations in rural areas, elements required in connecting users.

He also said that since last August, when the availability of antennas ran out, works dedicated to offering the cheapest internet service available were paralyzed.

He added that these accessories are to provide services in rural communities, taking into account that in the urban area there are several operating companies that offer internet and at affordable prices.

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