Bolivia to reopen embassies closed by Añez's de facto government

Bolivia to reopen embassies closed by Añez's de facto government
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13 December 2020
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Bolivia today wants to rebuild the relationship frozen by the de facto government of Jeanine Añez with Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Nicaragua and Iran, Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta asserted.

In statements to the media, Mayta affirmed that the Bolivian State must have relations with all the countries within the framework of respect for sovereignty, and pointed out that with Venezuela resumption is in progress.

We must advance unity of the region and that is why we must talk with all nations, assured Mayta, who regretted the decisions taken by the Executive headed by Jeanine Áñez.

In his opinion, the coup plotters followed political instructions from the United States, which is why in those 11 months they erased Bolivia from the map when an unnecessary and exaggerated tension was produced, 'which we are already normalizing,' he remarked.

While pursuing the resumption of political relations and appointing Bolivian ambassadors in those nations, Mayta added that in case of Cuba we will also work to recover agreements such as the export of lumber and other products. The Foreign Minister stressed that there are many agreements with the Caribbean Island that must be resumed, while he also addressed Europe, where he made particular emphasis in the case of Russia, a nation with which there is an 'excellent level of dialogue, understanding and cooperation.'

Regarding the relationship with Iran, he said that they will seek to achieve the reopening of the Bolivian embassy in the Islamic Republic, which is one of the most critical against the foreign policy of the US administration.

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