Biden Asked to Exclude Cuba from Terror Sponsor List

Biden Asked to Exclude Cuba from Terror Sponsor List
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9 February 2021
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Argentina's Justicialist Party (PJ) on Tuesday asked US President Joe Biden to reverse his predecessor Donald Trump´s decision to include Cuba on the list of 'States sponsor of terrorism '.


This measure was one of the last taken under Donald Trump, who stepped up its policies on Cuba (even in times of a pandemic) with over 240 actions, mostly to tighten the economic, commercial and financial US blockade on the country for more than six decades.


In a statement, the PJ specified that said measure - manifestly unfounded - violates the principles of international law and the norms established by the United Nations.


Including Cuba on a US list as a state sponsor of terrorism means an obvious threat to the Cuban people´s security and integrity, as well as a series of trade drawbacks and economic sanctions as against a world at peace and with a strengthened multilateral system.


In the request sent to Joe Biden, the PJ asked to start the process to remove the Cuban government and people from such a list.


At the same time, the PJ urged other political forces in Latin America to speak out for the annulment of this measure and in this way to be able to advance on the path of peace, respect and international cooperation in order to build bridges and not destroying them.

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