Attacks on Palestine, repression in Colombia condemned in Nicaragua

Attacks on Palestine, repression in Colombia condemned in Nicaragua
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14 May 2021
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Managua, May 14 (Prensa Latina) An anti-imperialist organization in Nicaragua on Friday condemned in a communique Israel's attacks on Palestine and the repression of the Government of President Ivan Duque against the Colombian people.
The Nicaraguan Association of Friends of Socialism and Peace, a member of the 'Augusto C. Sandino' Antimperialist Network of Solidarity with the Peoples, condemned the Israeli forces' bombings in the Gaza Strip, the Sheikh Jarrah district in East Jerusalem and in the occupied West Bank.

It also condemned the repression 'of the neoliberal and surrendering Government of Ivan Duque against the Colombian people who are staging rallies peacefully in the streets of Cali and other Colombian cities, in just social protest.'

The new escalation of the Zionist State against the Palestinian people focuses its force against the residents of the Arab district of Sheikh Jarrah, as part of the general plan for a 'completely Jewish Jerusalem,' the solidarity association pointed out.

The latest attacks represent the beginning of a new war of annihilation against the Palestinian people and the dispossession of their lands by the Zionist State, it added.

In Colombia, the people spontaneously 'make use of their constitutional and human right of the street protest facing the economic difficulties caused by an incompetent and anti-popular Government, the health crisis caused by the poorly attended pandemic and above all due to citizen insecurity' the communique states.

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