Attacks on former Haitian President Jocelerme Privert condemned

Attacks on former Haitian President Jocelerme Privert condemned
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4 February 2021
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Port-au-Prince, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Haitian President Jovenel Moïse condemned the attacks on former President Jocelerme Privet, describing them as an attack on democracy.
On his social networks, the Haitian president pointed out that the violent aggression is triggered by people intending to orchestrate a terror-ridden atmosphere in the country.

Privert's vehicle was stoned on Wednesday and some activists slashed a hole in all four tires while he was on his way to a capital radio station, as confirmed by former head of state.

At least a dozen rioters accused former president of the National Assembly (Parliament) of contributing to promoting Jovenel Moïse as president.

Jocelerme was interim president in 2016, after Michel Martelly finished his term with no elections or replacement.

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe also lashed out at the events and stressed that 'these anti-democratic, intolerant and violent acts are contrary to the rule of law and the coexistence which we all must fight for.'

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