Army General Raúl Castro congratulates Cuban Revolutionary Navy

Army General Raúl Castro congratulates Cuban Revolutionary Navy
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5 September 2023
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The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Army General Raúl Castro, congratulated the Cuban Revolutionary Navy, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary on Tuesday.

In a letter published in the Granma newspaper, Raúl Castro highlighted that the history of the institution reflects the participation of its members in various combat missions, in the training of personnel and the improvement of Cuba’s defensive capacity.

He added that together with the exemplary behavior of its members, the Navy deserves the people’s trust.

The Army General also evoked the 66th anniversary of the uprising in Cienfuegos, in the south-central part of the country, where in 1957 sailors committed to the insurgent process were joined by the people to fight the Fulgencio Batista tyranny (1952-1958).

“On this new anniversary, the tribute comes to all those who fell in the line of duty and to the protagonists of the actions in Cienfuegos, many of whom gave their lives in the epic attempt to conquer the Homeland’s freedom,” he highlighted.

Raúl Castro called on the Cuban Navy to continue to make come true what the historic leader, Fidel Castro, said, “May this always be a Navy of Patria o Muerte!”

The Revolutionary Navy is corps of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and was established by Law 600 on October 16, 1959, in Article seven.

It is made up of regular forces and territorial troops militias, created from national institutions related to the maritime, port and nautical branches.

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