The Apocalypse From Feelings

The Apocalypse From Feelings
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31 March 2023
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At several times in my life, the rumor of the end of the world has been around. Jogging my memory, the first time I remember was just at the turn of this century, the end of my adolescence. They were all repeating it and talking about several chaotic theories as if the planet might be on a timer. Later I found out that it had to do with a technological issue that was taken out of context or misinterpreted, and that, most likely, it was related to increasing sales of computers, since, evidently, nothing happened at the beginning of the millennium, neither in computing, nor with the world falling off a cliff.

Another hypothesis I don’t forget: by the end of 2012 it was declared that Mayans had predicted the existence of man until that same year, with the exact day, and month. Again, timed! It didn't happen either, and here we are. According to the conclusions that some made then from the writings found in stone, the supposed prophecy of that civilization said that the end of humanity would come along with the winter solstice (for the northern hemisphere), however, after the collective terror, euphoria, and nothingness, they explained that it was only the conclusion of an era. Others, more amusing, said that the Mayas simply ran out of writing material, and that’s why their calendar was left unfinished.

These are not the only examples of doom’s day. Many have been the premises. Even before Christ, until today, it has been fantasized with the end of everything. Some conjectures have even involved scientists predicting Earth in the path of a large asteroid, meteorite, unknown body, alien invasion, or a planet X out of its orbit, and then denying it because they either never got it right, were wrong, or the great mass changed course and avoided the impact, or it turned out not to be serious.

Since ancient times, death has caused astonishment, but the sudden, the hypothetical death of all at once, with huge drama, awakens the most noble in each one of us.

What if the world ended tomorrow? I asked my friends and acquaintances. The result has been a sentimental blow. The responses are amazing. Nobody seeks material things, nor to make an extensive “Bucket List”, to, in record time, fulfill pending wishes in the style of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Everyone, without exception, responded emotionally, tears in their eyes –trembling voice- romanticism on their fingers, that in a situation like this they preferred to be happy with their families, tell their children and parents how much they love them, and hug them without breaking the embrace until they the time comes.

It has been a touching exercise to read and listen to so much tearful answers. Spontaneously, people open themselves when they believe that they will not be able to finish their life goals, to teach their children right from wrong, to say farewell to their loved ones. That means that the apocalypse is in the feelings. In reality, it doesn't matter to die, the true chaos is in the rupture of affective ties, in the emotional emptiness.

My theory is that, if 13.8 billion years ago the universe was structured after the famous Big Bang, and by chance the Milky Way galaxy appeared with its solar system, planets, stars and, therefore, life on Earth, I don’t doubt that just as suddenly some phenomenon will also make us disappear. If the scientific community had time to predict it, and we could prepare for that moment, I know, with full certainty, that wars would stop, economic and political competitions would cease to be important, and we would remain in peace together with the people we care about, family, friends, because nothing is more valuable than love. We would try to be happy, to say how much we love, to explain past behaviors and didn’t let anything unsaid.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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