Another British MP nominates Cuban doctors for Nobel Peace Prize

Another British MP nominates Cuban doctors for Nobel Peace Prize
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16 January 2021
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The campaign to grant the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban internationalist doctors was joined on Saturday by British lawmaker Sam Tarry, the twentieth member of the United Kingdom's Parliament who formalizes the nomination.


As the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba in the United Kingdom reported on Saturday, Tarry, who is a Labor MP from Ilford South, highlighted, in his letter to the Norwegian committee, the humanitarian and solidarity work done by the members of Cuba's Henry Reeve Medical Contingent.

In that regard, he pointed out that since the Henry Reeve Contingent was founded in 2005, its members have provided medical aid in 45 countries affected by natural disasters and epidemics, and have assisted almost four million people, regardless of political borders.

Tarry particularly recalled the work the brigade did in fighting a cholera outbreak in West Africa in 2014, and congratulated the Cuban health workers who are currently fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in different regions of the world.

In opinion of the Labor politician, granting the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban health workers would be a worthy recognition of their wonderful humanitarian work.

In addition to the 20 British MPs, including three members of the House of Lords, who formally nominated the Cuban doctors, eight UK academics also sent their petitions to the Norwegian committee.

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