And we celebrate along with Dr. Durán

And we celebrate along with Dr. Durán
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5 June 2020
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Hundreds of thousands of internet users congratulated in their social networks the man symbolizing the fight of a whole nation against the global pandemic Covid-19.

Dr. Francisco Durán, National Director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba, celebrated his birthday…And so many Cuban citizens who turn on their TV to watch him, or listen to his report on the radio, wanted to wish him the best with the same affection and love they congratulate a friend and a relative.

Dr. Durán is very popular in Cuba right now. He is, undoubtedly, one of the most celebrated, beloved, and admired men in the island.

People constantly show their gratitude to him. To some, he is a sort of oracle, a wise man, a guru…

And Durán is a humble man, a professional, a civil servant…And he believes so without false modesty.

As he looks like a gentle old man, kids love him. The artists from a theater company for children made a Durán-like puppet, which has been a huge success in social media.



Actually, he is a very easy-going individual.

He is fascinating even when scolding because people may be too confident and get distracted from the performance of their duty.

In his daily TV appearance, he does not overwhelm us with a technical speech nor boast of his vast knowledge. He is absolutely clear and friendly. He speaks to all with a charm and spontaneity worthy of admiration.

And he works a lot. He works every single day. You feel he deserves some days off but, how can we picture our mornings without him?

Heroes sprout from crisis. Without Covid-19, Dr. Durán would still be a very good professional, a skillful director…but he is now also a symbol.

And he is well aware that, at most, he is only the most visible face of a working group. But he is a leader and inspiring man for each of them as well.

The spontaneous and enthusiastic wave of congratulatory messages in social networks portrays a bigger phenomenon. Millions would love to hug Dr. Durán, wish him the best, and ask him to be careful…

He, somehow, represents all doctors and scientists who are fighting against the spreading of the pandemic, in the front line, sparing no efforts.

This fight has lots of heroes. Francisco Durán is the most popular of them. He is the protagonist of this great story in the fight against Covid-19 in Cuba.

Congratulating him means to congratulate thousands like him.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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