Cuban Artists Take Their Art to the Communities Affected by Mathew

Cuban Artists Take Their Art to the Communities Affected by Mathew
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12 October 2016
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Despite the recovery stage in which the villagers in the municipalities affected by Hurricane Matthew are, they made a pause today to feed their soul with the art offered by Cuban artists.

When Alexis Leyva Machado, aka Kcho, arrived at this city, the artistic group of the Youth Labor Army (EJT) in Guantanamo joined him along with a contingent of young artists of the territory.

About twenty artists from Guantanamo will work in the city of Baracoa along with the Martha Machado brigade, which is led by Kcho, who set camp in the space where, before Matthew, was occupied by a playground. Amid their tents and surrounded by flags they enliven the evenings and nights of this city.

Meanwhile, the artistic group the EJT visits the communities of Imias and Maisí to bring art and dreams, explained Major Ruben Nicolas Macias, director of the group belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

'Our main mission is to brighten the soul of each of the victims, with cultural activities; likewise we will help in the debris removal actions and the recovery of affected facilities', he said.

Another group of young artists and intellectuals headed by writer and President of the Hermanos Saiz association (AHS) in Guantanamo, Eldis Baratutes Benavides, went to the municipality of Maisi, located in the Eastern point of Cuba and one of the most affected areas.

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