Documentary on Fidel Castro to be Premiered in Ecuador

Documentary on Fidel Castro to be Premiered in Ecuador
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28 July 2014
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The audiovisual was made by Cuba’s Mundo Latino productions with the assistance of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.

The Ecuadorian chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity, with the collaboration of intellectuals and friends of Cuba, has organized the presentation, which also includes the launching of the book entitled The Right of Humanity to Exist, a compilation of reflections by Fidel Castro on sustainable development.

The documentary film, based on a biographical work on Fidel Castro, stressed some of his experiences that may have contributed to form his own vision on the need to preserve the environment and the challenges facing humanity to achieve it.

The activity is considered another opportunity to further deepen the close relations between Cuba and Ecuador.

Edited by Juan Leandro

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