New Cuban orchestra with members of the Buena Vista to try to continue their legacy

New Cuban orchestra with members of the Buena Vista to try to continue their legacy
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11 May 2016
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Trumpet player Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal and other five musicians that joined the Buena Vista Social Club, created in 1996, in different dates, are now among the new orchestra’s 15 members, as told Efe Jorge Fernández, from Son de Cuba JF Management in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Bass player Pedro Pablo Gutiérrez, who succeeded late Orlando "Cachaito" López in Buena Vista Social Club, directs the new orchestra.  

The announcement took place one year after the Adiós tour with which Buena Vista Social Club said good bye to their millions of admirers in the whole world from their 1997 album and the 1999 film.  

Fernández affirmed that up to now there are no dates for the Buena Vista All Stars tour, but assured that this summer they will offer concerts in the United States, in the first place, under the slogan “The Legacy Continues” (El legado continúa).

Besides, before or during the middle of the orchestra’s tour, they will record their first album in a study in the United States that “is completely prepared” to welcome them as soon as they get there.

The album will include themes the musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club made known all over the world and others they never recorded but that also belong to the Cuban traditional music, because "it is always important to have something new", Fernández said.

Veteran Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal, who is celebrating his 83 birthday, is very happy to return to stages, said the Buena Vista All Stars representative. “He is very fine”, added Fernández.

Many of the musicians who were part of the Buena Vista Social Club, such as Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Manuel "Puntillita" Licea, Rubén González, Pío Leyva, Anga Díaz, Orlando "Cachaíto" López and Manuel Galbán have passed away.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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