New anniversary of the Oswaldo Guayasamín Museum House

New anniversary of the Oswaldo Guayasamín Museum House
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15 January 2016
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Due to this celebration pieces of clothing that belonged to the Ecuadorian artist were exhibited for the first time in the museum’s bedroom local, a donation made by the Fundación Guayasamín.

Some of the pieces still showed remains of paint, of the artist’s moments of creation, and others he wore in cultural events here.

The Oswaldo Guayasamín House Museum has permanent exhibit rooms where the memory of the Painter of Iberia America is honored and preserved. These rooms keep some of his personal objects and original works donated to Cuba. The rooms of this prestigious institution also shelter pieces of Latin American popular art and 19th-century objects.

At present an important collection of his original works can be admired there, most of them created in Cuba; portrays of Cuban leaders Fidel and Raúl Castro Ruz, and Carlos Puebla. The Center also treasured other valuable pieces that include painters of Cuban and Ecuadorian contemporary artists and a sample of craftsmanship of this Andean country.

The House Museum is located at 111 Obra Pía St., in a restored building of the Historic Center of Havana that was built in the 18th century and belonged to the Peñalver family.

Oswaldo Guayasamín was born in Quito, Ecuador, on Julio 6 of 1919. He graduated of Painter and Sculptor at the Fine Arts School of Quito. He made some 180 individual exhibits and had a very fruitful production in easel paintings, murals, sculptures and monuments. He was personal friend of the most important intellectual and statesmen of the progressive world and portrayed some of them.

He received several official medals and Honoris Causa doctor titles from Universities of Latin America and Europe.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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